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Not sure if its just me or what, but Zoro has become so distant from the crew since the time skip. I know he was always the one that was mostly kind of to himself, but before the time skip I feel like he was still interactive with the rest of the crew than he is now.

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If the Straw Hats do get another crew member, I really do hope it’s a girl.

I feel like nobody knows that Zoro is actually a few months younger than Sanji.

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"Have you ever seen a fierce animal you were sure would never bite? Because I haven’t." Haaaa, most badass line ever! (as of now, I guess.) I love Zoro sooooo much!

I think that Rebecca shouldn’t kill Dolflamingo with the Mera Mera if she wins. Devil fruit’s powers take years to control, manipulate and turn lemons to lemon souffle when it comes to lame powers. Dolflamingo on the other hand, has the most combat experience and mastered his devil fruit power.I’m hoping that Dolflamingo leaves the throne of Dressrossa somehow and she rules the island.

One Piece is so amazing, I unintentionally marathoned all 600+ episodes in under three months.

 up top, bro.

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I loved it when Monet said it was strategic to go after the weaker ones first, Nami got upset and fought back against Monet with her climatact moves, proving she wasn’t weak at all.

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I know that some people thought the heart exchange was stupid. I didn’t, I think it was Law mentioning don’t ask him how he knows the Joker. Clown maybe a egotisical jackass who’s probable high on his own gasses, but he isn’t an idiot. Clown knows who the Joker really is and so does Monet. It wasn’t a coincidence Vergo appeared on Punkhazard either.
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I really hope we learn about Luffy’s mother in the future.

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I personally don’t get Monet’s appeal.

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I feel connected to Usopp & not because that I look like a gender-bent version of him. I suffer from a disorder called trichotillomania; I have it so bad that I have to style my hair in a low pony tail or a bandana all the time. Even if it is small, seeing Usopp style his hair like that makes me feel like Usopp was cheering me on to stop pulling. The moment I saw that Usopp’s permanent hairstyle for the time-skip, I started crying. It’s the little things that counts to the road of recovery. 

p.s. click high-res for better viewing. 

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I love how fanservice is done realistically, with the characters reacting it in both positive and negative ways (like Paulie!)
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I feel like Nami is underrated and too many people hate her. But I think Nami is awesome no matter what anyone says!!!!

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I really want to visit Alabasta.

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