I have to do a book report about a hero and i asked my teacher if I could use manga and she said yes so I’m using the paramount war arc for my book report.

I never would have found out about one piece if it weren’t for my favorite let’s player chuggaaconroy and I just wanted to thank him for that.

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I don’t know if this is stupid but I always wanted to date someone who loves One Piece just as much as me so that we could both fangirl/fanboy together, cry together, talk about new episodes and new chapters, sing One Piece openings together and our perfect date would be the two of us on a couch, a bowl of nutella and One Piece on the tv. Doesn’t that sound like a dream?

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I kind of hope that something like the Paramount War happens again but all of the Strawhats are there and just completely destroy everything.

If One Piece does end one day, I hope it ends in a war. Everyone the Straw Hats have become friends with (yes even in the marines), will come together and change the world and bring on a new era. And the final conclusion would be Luffy finding the One Piece and sailing off on a new adventure!

Being pushed aside by my mother when I was younger, One Piece made me realise that your real family is not your only family.

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When Oda stated that the father of Makino’s child is “probably that person”, I hope it’s Shanks.

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Even though Makino is way older than Ace, I think he harbored a little crush on her since he’s seen usually blushing around her.. but it’s not love.

Chopper is too adorable! I just want to give him a big hug!

I wonder what will happen if Zoro meets Hancock…

Every time Chopper dances when being complimented always makes my heart flutter and wish he was real so I can hug him.

The bonds between the whole crew is just wonderful, and it makes me wish I had friends that I could be really close with.

I love Nami’s new character design but I miss Robin’s old character design. (Especially her cowboy hat!)

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Even though Oda said Nami’s punches “hurting” Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji was a gag… I still believe Nami has haki… She just can’t control it unless she punches them.

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Back in the Marineford Arc, I really wished Sengoku didn’t stop Garp from killing Akainu.