I don’t know if this is stupid but I always wanted to date someone who loves One Piece just as much as me so that we could both fangirl/fanboy together, cry together, talk about new episodes and new chapters, sing One Piece openings together and our perfect date would be the two of us on a couch, a bowl of nutella and One Piece on the tv. Doesn’t that sound like a dream?

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I wonder what will happen if Zoro meets Hancock…

Boa and Luffy is a cute couple… if only Boa was younger, I’ll ship them.

People need to lay off of Hancock. Yes, she’s obsessive. She was also brutalized as a child. People who suffer from PTSD often suffer stasis of emotional development. Ergo, the woman has the relative emotional maturity of a twelve-year-old girl. Couple that with the fact that Luffy is one of the only males to ever show pure intention toward her, and consider that she was inductively sexually harassed for much of her childhood. Now tell me: what twelve-year-old would not harbor such infatuation?

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I think if Robin/Zoro meets Hancock their reaction would be the same with Luffy’s

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what if your favorite ship doesn’t workout in the end because of too many opposing ships?


I always try to keep my shipping fantasies away from the actual manga and anime. I like many pairings, but it doesn’t mean that I want to see them in canon. As for me, it’s not important who will stay with whom - One Piece isn’t about romance after all.

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I think it’s absolutely adorable when Boa Hancock gushes over Luffy.

I really want Hancock to meet Robin and Nami.

I’m jealous of Boa Hancock but I can’t hate her.

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Boa Hancock is beautiful, cute, strong, funny, smart… She’s an empress, she was the youngest shichibukai before the eclypse, she’s an amazing big sister, the perfect representation of the Snake, one of Oda’s oldest inspiration, without forgetting how she helped Luffy, yet, she gets so much hate ?! F*** off.

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I think that Hancock’s fangirling character alone would have made her a minor character and useless in the end, but thinking back to the Marineford Arc and Impel Down Arc, and thereafter I think Hancock was actually a big help to Luffy and his recovery.

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I would love to have Salome as a pet!


I really liked Hancock in the start, because she was so horrible and it was portrayed by the things that are like the biggest signs of someone being a villain ever, but then she fell in love with Luffy and it was like oh, yeah, of course we’re not getting a non-stereotypical female character.

I HATE Boa. She may be strong, her “extreme looking down on someone” pose may be hilarious, she may have helped Luffy, but she is far too naive to respect, and acts like a spoiled princess just because she’s beautiful. I have absolutely no respect for her. (Plus, she kicked a baby seal and a puppy for no reason, and destroyed that statue that the children carefully made for her. I cannot forgive her)