I think there should be stronger women in One Piece. Because all of the men get the most powerful akuma no mi and women stay with most of the stupid ones. Also, there are barely powerful women who haven’t eaten any fruit. I mean, as powerful as Shanks or even Zoro or Sanji.

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I’ve always wondered and I may be missing something but before someone eats a devil fruit, how does anyone know what power the fruit will bestow upon the consumer? 

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I’m still wondering what the fruit that formed in Punk Hazard is (ch. 676). Is it a different/new fruit or is the Mera mera fruit slowly transforming (back then)? 

Confession by curiouslittlelass

So far, all of the heavy-hitting Devil Fruit users in the One Piece universe have had powerful DF abilities that aid them tremendously in battle. I want to see a top-tier fighter come out with the crappiest power out there that doesn’t help him/her in combat at all, yet he/she still dominates most other characters. Confession by see-you-spiegel

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Whenever I see characters with Devil Fruit powers on the show, I always wonder, “Where the heck did they find those things?” I’d really like to know. Confession by clazafication
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'I made up a hypothesis on how devil fruits work, When a normal person is in water, they autamatically float due to an empty space in their bodies, but when they eat a devil fruit, the power of the fruit replaces the empty place, thus they can not swim.’- confession by an evil scientist.

"I wonder if eating the Mizu Mizu no mi, grants you the ability to still swim." - confession by an Anonymous.

"I have a theory that at the end of the grand line there’s gonna be a tree that grows devil fruits." - confession by an Anonymous.

"I wanna know what’s the taste of an Akuma no Mi" - confession by an Anonymous.

"This just might be me, but I would love to figure out the science behind the Devil Fruits. I want to know the chemical composition of the fruits, how they work, and how exactly they change the human body to be super powered and unable to swim." - confession by cyclone5000.

I sometimes eat an apple or another fruit and pretend its a devil fruit.