I don’t ship anyone in One Piece except for Usopp and Kaya.

4 months ago | 103

I feel bad for forgetting about Kaya for a while. I kinda shipped Usopp with Nami for a while. But when Kaya showed up when Sogaking got his bounty I felt super guilty and had to get back on the UsoKaya ship because she’s waiting for him to get home to her, and it’s super sweet.

12 months ago | 98

Seeing a confession about Usopp/Kaya really made my day. That’s the only OP pairing I’ll ever ship. Ever. Confession by bluebraveheart


1 year ago | 30

Usopp and Kaya will always be my one true pairing. Confession by Anonymous.


1 year ago | 49

'Sometimes I totally forget about Kaya, and sometimes I feel like Usopp forgot about her too. I really hope he will be with her in the end of One Piece.’- confession by kaizukohime.

2 years ago | 44

"Kaya is probably the more minor character that I love the most. She was so sweet, and even though things were hard for her, she was faithful and strong, so loving of the people in her life, and ready to sacrifice her life for them in the end. I sometimes have trouble shipping Usopp with anyone because I can’t think of anyone who deserves him more than Kaya. I am really hoping that at some point, after it’s all over, the crew will return and we’ll see her again." - confession by an Anonymous.

2 years ago | 65

Oda claims one piece has no romance, but Kaiya and Usopp? Come on. It’s so obvious somethings there.

Confession by: alicedattebayo

Art by: E1n

I believe UsoppKaya is the only cannon couple in One Piece. In my mind Usopp will marry Kaya, either Oda shows it or not. ^^

I believe Kaya knew Usopp’s stories were a bunch of lies, she’s smarter then that. I also believe it wasn’t that stories she waited for everyday.

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