In hindsight, i think that Law was the one that tossed Chopper the note. It makes the most sense to me. He knew about Chopper, he has the medical knowledge I mean, he just happened to have non sea stone chains on him the wholes time in the cage.

Chopper is too adorable! I just want to give him a big hug!

Every time Chopper dances when being complimented always makes my heart flutter and wish he was real so I can hug him.

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It bothers me that Chopper changed hats in the post-timeskip. His old hat has such memories behind it. 

I don’t think I’ll mind when One Piece finishes. It reminds me of when I went through this feeling with Harry Potter, so I’m prepared. Plus, I’d be more scared if it never finished and I wouldn’t know how it ended.

I miss Chopper’s Pre-timeskip Heavy Point.

Chopper’s Kung Fu Point is so lame! Like seriously, what the hell is that supposed to be?!

I really hope Chopper has more transformations.

I always felt the relationship between Robin and Chopper was like a mother and her child. This has led me to believe that during the time when Robin was on the run she may have been pregnant and lost the child.

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I love that within the Strawhat family, Zoro, Robin, and Chopper seem to naturally form a family of their own.

I just love the way Chopper clings on Zoro’s head. They’re too cute and adorable together :3

Chopper is just the cutest thing on the face of the planet.

I love CHOPPER!!! :) He is so adorable!!! I just love the big blue hat that he wears that is bigger than his head!!! Also what he is, is what I want to be. I want to be a doctor just like him!!! He is a way better influence than Franky or Sanji!!! Franky in Chopper’s body don’t match!!! Now I know how Robin felt.

I hate it when people claim they hate one of the strawhats, even if it was for a short period of time. Take Usopp, for example. A lot of people say they hated him until the Water 7 arc; but why aren’t we giving him credit for before that?! Have we forgotten his brave fight to defend his village? Or him against Chew? All of the Mugiwara are amazing, unique, and beautifully written. It’s just a waste when people say they can’t stand one of the members.

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I love the sound that the anime uses when Chopper walks. It’s so cute!!