Part of me is dreading when Usopp and Yasopp will reunite since Yasopp still doesn’t know that Banchina died.

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I know everyone is waiting for Luffy to meet Shanks again, but I can’t wait for Usopp to meet his father. I also can’t wait to see Yasopp’s reaction to seeing his son after all these years.


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"At the beginning of the story I always thought that if Yasopp saw Usopp in action he would be disappointed. But now I believe he would be quite proud of his son." - confession by an Anonymous.

I think that Usopp is going to fight with his father in the final arc.
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agree Usopp is awesome now, but I still feel his dream isn’t cool/concrete like the others! I feel he still needs a clear objective and he needs to meet his father, Yasopp (on Shanks crew) 
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I can’t wait for Usopp and Yasopp to reunite.

i want to see usopp’s reaction when meeting his father yasopp. whether he is angry at his dad for leaving or not.